Keito Aoyama
Character information
Name in Japanese 青山 恵都
Romaji translation Aoyama Keito
Gender Female
Hair color Reddish brown
Eye color Reddish brown
Occupations Actress
Family Yumiko Aoyama (mother)
Ryuichi Aoyama (father)
Chika Aoyama (sister)
Relationships Kouichi Mine (fiancée)
Rei Saeki (ex-boyfriend)
Education El Liston

Keito Aoyama (青山 恵都 Aoyama Keito) is an actress and a graduate of the free school, El Liston. She started her career as a child actress and was featured in many dramas and commercials at that time. However, her career ended abruptly after she stood frozen on stage during the play, Sunny Days.


Early lifeEdit

Keito's mother insisted on her becoming an actress when she was five years old. She didn't really understand, but she obeyed her mother and got a role in a commercial. Thus began her career.

Later, she lands the role of Sunny in a musical. The role is doublecast, meaning she has to share it with another girl, Nako. Nako insists that Keito is her idol and best friend. Keito, who is incredibly lonely, doesn't want to lose Nako as a friend, so she teaches her how to play the role properly. Keito soon discovers the harsh truth that Nako was just using her. Keito watches Nako perform for the first act of "Sunny" and comments on how Nako's very expression is just like Keito's. When it becomes Keito's turn to perform in act two, Keito stands frozen for fifteen minutes before they cancel the show. Humiliated and badmouthed by the people around her, Keito quits acting and wallows in her childhood trauma.

Physical appearanceEdit

Personality and traitsEdit



Kouichi MineEdit

Kouichi Is the fiancee of Ketio Aoyama

Drama portrayalEdit

Keito Aoyama is portrayed by Mitsuki Tanimura in the drama adaptation.

Behind the scenesEdit